Friday, 20 April 2012

Week One - Challenge completed!

Well that was my first week and I'm so exited to show you the results. I've found it really easy this week to stick to the foods and I've actually really enjoyed it. We have had so much fresh fruit and veg in the house its been lovely. I have to admit I've done absolutely no exercise as i've been busy at work moving offices.....which I reckon probblably helped with moving boxes up and down stairs!!!

So lets have a look at the results......

I lost in total 3 pounds and a quarter :)
Now I did start weight watchers a week before I did my blog and I lost 5 pounds so I was ready for my 'week 2' to be slightly lower. Bringing my total to 8 pounds!! This has given me such a boost and I cant wait to see the scales get lower and lower.
I'll be ordering my lovely 'treat' later on today. If any of you have forgotten what it was check out my post here. Week One The Challenge Begins
Now dont forget to subscribe and check out my blog tonight to see what 'Challenge Week Two' will be.


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