Monday, 16 April 2012

Great Weight Watchers Deal at Sainsburys!


Just thought I would let you all know Sainsburys have got some brilliant deals on at the moment on Weight watchers products.

I work in an office and lunch times are my worst! I never know what to make myself and I never have the time to make it in the mornings so normally I head on down to my favorite little sandwich shop and get a quick bite in there. Its not exactly unhealthy but I've noticed that eating bread makes me really bloated and 'slug-ish' so i've decided to cut it out and see how I feel.

I noticed that Sainsburys have got their ready meals on 3 for £3, now I know they aren't exactly the healthiest of meals to have so I wont be having them everyday. But they are great for the days when I forget to make some lunch, I can just grab one and take it with me into the office. They have a whole range on at the moment so check it out.

They also have their yoghurts on offer two packs for £2.50 These are a great snack for during the day or if you fancy something sweet after dinner!

Now I've got such a sweet tooth and I love to make cakes! It's become a bit of a family tradition now that I make all the birthday cakes. We also have cake on a Friday at the office which I thought I was going to really miss but then I saw these at Sainsburys.

I'll let you into a little secret my favorite thing to do it get some vanila ice cream measure out about 3 points worth, then get one of the Weight Watchers Brownie slices (2 points), break it up and add it into the ice cream. And there you have a weight watchers version of a Ben & Jerrys....well kind works for me and it's only 5 points!

I've also noticed they have some Weight Watchers crisps on offer. I've got a recipe for a sumer salsa dip thats great on weight watchers points and the weight watchers hot chilli tortillas would go great with that.......maybe I'll save this for another post. So keep an eye out for my homemade Salsa recipe!

Anyway I think thats enought for us all to get trying. Let me know if you've tried any of these and what you think of them.


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